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Founder Ceonte' House is a native of Baskerville, Virginia. A graduate of  Grambling State University in Sport Management and Masters in Sports Administration, House has been instrumental in women's sports for 6 years. House worked as an intern in the athletic department before becoming a Graduate Assistant, there he worked in various positions enhancing the department with his youthful energy and knowledge. While attending graduate school he became a 3D Sports Life Coach under Carlette Patterson's World Ventures, during that process he was able to discover the power of H.O.P.E from within.

Mr. House was raised by his mother Veronica House and Late Grandmother Joyce Ann House which motivated him to advocate for female population as well as the underprivileged communities. Ceonte' wanted to establish a platform that provided resources that he lacked, which led him to create Recognize Game. 

 His idea of Recognize Game generated in Bay Area, California. 

Attending a premier High School match-up House locked-in on one player that was phenomenal throughout the entire game exemplifying the #MambaMentality. Learning that  Zakiya Mahoney (on full scholarship at MVSU)  had no offers, drove him to create a pathway to connect underserved scholar-athletes with college basketball programs. 

Now, Coach House has integrated his basketball platform into an everyday lifestyle serving multiple sports.  


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